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How to Set Up the Solo Miner

The solo-miner is in-built into the core software, letting you check your balance and mine at the same time.
Please know that you can only mine with your CPU on NERVA, and cannot use your GPU to mine NERVA

Downloading and Installing for Windows

  1. Download and install the NERVA core software(click "Windows").

  2. Make a folder called NERVA on your Desktop and unzip the files you just downloaded for the core software in there.

  3. Double-click on nervad.exe.

  4. Wait for it to finish syncing

    It will display:

    You are now synchronized with the network. You may now start nerva-wallet-cli.
    Use the "help" command to see the list of available commands.
  5. See Setup and Configuration

Downloading and Installing for Mac

Coming soon!

Downloading and Installing for Linux

View this guide to get started with solo mining on Linux.

Solo-Miner Setup and Configuration

Upon finishing syncing with the network, type in the following command:

start_mining NV... 4
Replace NV... with your NERVA address and 4 with however many threads you would like to mine with.
We recommend mining with half as many as threads you have; so if you have 8 threads, enter 4

For example:

start_mining NV2c9tuqUNRZNK4i6jahuPaDSnfYFRAcyW7t13aox32yUkWwbpTHxXYbtgYR8qQ4hPB2t5EqJZwt7fS1kyHvrHap1GrFt6fM8 4

Done! The miner will now begin mining. Awesome!

To re-launch the miner:

  1. Open nervad

  2. Wait for it to finish syncing

  3. Run the start_mining command