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How to Set Up XMR-Stak on Linux

Native binaries may be available for your distribution's package manager.

If no binaries are available, or you prefer to compile, follow these instructions-

Ubuntu 16.04/17.10/18.04

  1. Open the terminal and install dependencies by running this command-

    sudo apt install -y build-essential cmake pkg-config libboost-all-dev libssl-dev libzmq3-dev libunbound-dev libsodium-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libminiupnpc-dev libunwind8-dev liblzma-dev libreadline6-dev libldns-dev libexpat1-dev libgtest-dev doxygen graphviz
  2. Clone the package-

    git clone --recursive

  3. CD to the cloned directory

    cd nerva

  4. Make a directory-

    mkdir ./build && cd ./build

  5. Run cmake-


  6. Finish building it-


  7. The core software will now be located in ~/nerva/build/bin

  8. Type-


  9. Wait for it to finish syncing

    It will display:

    You are now synchronized with the network. You may now start nerva-wallet-cli.
    Use the "help" command to see the list of available commands.
  10. See Setup and Configuration

Solo-Miner Setup and Configuration

Upon finishing syncing with the network, type in the following command:

start_mining NV... 4
Replace NV... with your NERVA address and 4 with however many threads you would like to mine with.
We recommend mining with half as many as threads you have; so if you have 8 threads, enter 4

For example:

start_mining NV2c9tuqUNRZNK4i6jahuPaDSnfYFRAcyW7t13aox32yUkWwbpTHxXYbtgYR8qQ4hPB2t5EqJZwt7fS1kyHvrHap1GrFt6fM8 4

Done! The miner will now begin mining. Awesome!

To re-launch the miner:

  1. Open nervad

  2. Wait for it to finish syncing

  3. Run the start_mining command